Pittsburgh Steelers dream roster of Super Bowl era: Quarterbacks

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw(Photo by Ross Lewis/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw(Photo by Ross Lewis/Getty Images) /
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With the NFL gearing up for the 2020 season, it is time to construct the Steelers dream roster of the Super Bowl era, starting with the quarterbacks.

Considering the state of the NFL, I thought it would be fitting to create a dream Steelers roster from the Super Bowl era and on. To construct such a roster, a multitude of different things will have to be considered when comprising this roster. First off, this roster construction assumes the team will be playing in a modern game. As well, the roster will have to follow typical roster guidelines. This means there are only 50 roster spots up for grabs (the other three are for specialists who will not be included).

More pertaining to the defense, the Steelers will be running their usual 3-4 defense, thus fit in that scheme will be considered when compiling the roster. As well, this list is about compiling the most complete roster of the Super Bowl era. That doesn’t mean the best players overall will for sure make the roster, but instead, it will be the best players to fill certain roles at that position. Finally, this list consists of my personal opinion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about yours! Feel free to comment below with your order and why you chose it.

Today, the quarterbacks will be looked at. The Steelers typically carry three QBs, which is what I’ll be doing. Luckily for this list (and not so much for Steelers history), the Steelers have only had two real star QBs. That makes compiling this list easier. That said, here is the Steelers dream QB depth chart of the Super Bowl era.