Pittsburgh Steelers dream roster of Super Bowl era: Quarterbacks

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw(Photo by Ross Lewis/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw(Photo by Ross Lewis/Getty Images) /
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Kordell Stewart Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Kordell Stewart

Years with Steelers: 1995-2002

For the third-string QB, finding a unique player that can fill multiple roles is key. Thus, Kordell Stewart makes the most sense here. Known as “Slash”, Stewart was known for his ability as a QB, RB, and even WR. That multi-faceted skill set would allow him to see the field as a role player, utilizing his unique skill set to help confuse the defense.

Stewart was only average as a QB, but his speed and slippery nature made him a threat with the ball in his hands. While the Steelers dream roster wouldn’t want to rely on him as a 16-game starter, giving him 5-10 snaps a game could help make the offense more dynamic, and if the team was desperate, they could turn to him in the case of injury.

Imagine Roethlisberger lobbing a pass to Stewart for a TD, or Slash running the wildcat and proving a threat as both a runner and a thrower. Stewart could prove to be a more potent version of Taysom Hill and prove to be a true headache for defenses to have to prepare for. Both Roethlisberger and Bradshaw would inspire fear from the pocket while Stewart would provide a threat from everywhere else.

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The Steelers find their true starter in Roethlisberger and find a more than capable backup in Bradshaw. While this may cause some drama in the locker room, the talent with these two QBs would create a capable QB room even if Roethlisberger were to suffer an injury. Finally, Stewart would be the multi-faceted threat from everywhere on the field who can step in at QB if there were numerous injuries. Together, these three would create the best Steelers QB depth chart of the Super Bowl era.