5 greatest Steelers offensive lineman of the modern era

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The Steelers have several players in the Hall of Fame, but the offensive line has been under-represented and under-appreciated

So this article will not be an article about whether or not the players we will discuss should be in the Hall of Fame, rather it will focus on the five greatest Steelers offensive lineman of the modern era.  As we progress through our discussion, you may be left with the same impression that I am left with, which is this:  why aren’t there more Steelers ‘O’-lineman in the Hall of Fame?

As with any list of greatest players at any position, it is subjective by nature.  This list falls into that category. Since my perspective is that of fan who started watching the Steelers in 1978, I obviously gravitate toward the players of that era; however, I am a fan of the Steelers, past, and present.

When I stated that we will discuss the five greatest offensive linemen of the modern era, that means that we will discuss Steelers offensive lineman of the era beginning with the merger of the AFL and the NFL, although one could argue the modern era is the era that began with the first Super Bowl.

As the title of this article suggests, we will look at the best of the best, regardless of position.  Every team has great players at almost every position.  I believe the Steelers have had and have ‘0’-linemen who may have been or who may be considered under-appreciated.

With those parameters in mind, let’s kick off our discussion.

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