3 Steelers that are surprisingly on the roster bubble this Training Camp

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have some decisions to make before the start of the regular season. Here are three surprise players on the roster bubble in 2020.

The Pittsburgh Steelers enter the 2020 training camp with a talented team and plenty of depth at most positions, which will make for some interesting decisions going forward. However, some players that have been around the team and have been role players for the Steelers could be on the bubble.

This year, Pittsburgh happens to have a bountiful wealth of depth at certain positions and that will lead to some difficult cuts when that day comes. This is a good problem to have as a team and one the Steelers should be proud of having.

Training camp will always have battles for positioning along with the depth chart and for roster spots. It decides the fate of player’s dreams being realized or destroyed as they work their ways onto an NFL roster or out of a job. Each year the Steelers enter training camp with a newly formed team that fights internally for positioning along with the depth chart.

Some players make the team while others go home packing. Throughout this process, the dinged-up metal of players is forged into the hearty steel of a team. Eventually, players bond and the Steelers are molded into a team that can make a run for the playoffs.

Players are always interesting to watch, especially the veteran players that have been around the team that many expect to take a leap for the team. Some of those players fail and end up being roster bubble players, here are some possible cuts that could surprise some fans. Some of the names may shock some fans as the list goes on.

Here are three players who are surprisingly on the roster bubble in 2020:

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