5 greatest Pittsburgh Steelers running backs of all time

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The Steelers have had many impressive running backs in franchise history. Here are Pittsburgh’s top five greatest rushers of all-time.

Ever since the teams founding in 1933, the football team that hails in Pittsburgh has had some great talents join the team. Running backs have been synonymous with how the Steelers use a ground and pound style of offense to secure victories at the most crucial moments in games.

The team has seen some amazing players run with the rock and dash to Super Bowls, accolades, and amazing careers throughout the years. This top five list may surprise some people with names on the list but no one can doubt the players listed as each one was extremely talented in their own right.

Running backs have always been extremely important for the NFL and teams as a whole even since the beginning of the NFL. Before quarterbacks became mainstream, the running game was the only way for teams to move the ball up and down the field offensively. This position is a tough and gritty one and one that the Steelers have taken on as a defining trait to their offenses in the past.

This list may surprise some with certain names and where they are located on the list, these players listed are all great players in their own right but some were better than others. Number games are tough to diffuse so players were judged by personal accolades, stats, and the teams that surrounded them.

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