5 greatest Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers of all time

Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann (Photo by Jim Campbell/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann (Photo by Jim Campbell/Getty Images) /
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The Pittsburgh Steelers have had some great wide receivers throughout their history. Here are their five best to play the position for the black and gold.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have found weapons on their team for the franchise’s existence. They have found play-makers to fill out their rosters throughout the years and some of those players have helped the team win Super Bowls and have been immortalized in Canton, Ohio in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The NFL has not always been a pass friendly league as passing in offenses did not take effect till the 1950s. Players began to form a new offense that relied heavily on receivers and the dynamic plays that they began to make all over the field. The punishing position formed into a high profile and extremely important position for offenses all around the NFL.

The Steelers have been able to find receivers from all walks of life and help turn them into legendary players that the Steelers and their fans will idolize for the rest of the time. From small school prospects turned league-wide star to big school standouts to NFL royalty, the Steelers have found the talent to excel their offenses ability to put up high production numbers.

Names that will be remembered in the Steel City forever and some that are recognizable names across the NFL to this day. Players grow a reputation over time that makes their names bigger than themselves, it makes them legendary and one people will never forget. This list shakes up what the expectations might be for a top-five list that many would expect. Some players might be stationed higher than others and that might make some controversy or surprise people when names drop and rise on this list of the five greatest receivers in Steelers history.