5 greatest Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers of all time

Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann (Photo by Jim Campbell/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann (Photo by Jim Campbell/Getty Images) /
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Antonio Brown

This might shock some people but it really shouldn’t as Brown is the second-best receiver of all time for the Steelers in almost every category in the team’s history. Brown may not have left the team in a great fashion and he may not be a great teammate but no one can deny his amazing abilities on a football field. He can be a future Hall of Famer by his amazing career even if his playing days are over now.

Brown is second all-time for the Steelers in receiving yards, receptions, and receiving touchdowns over just an eight-year career. The biggest knack for Brown is his personality and individualistic personality. His craving for the spotlight and attention is what his ultimate downfall was and the reason why he is out of the NFL currently and perhaps the reason his career is now over. Without winning a Super Bowl, let alone playing in one, will always leave a scratch on an otherwise perfect resume to Canton.

Brown has stats that are hard to fathom with the amazing stats that he has been able to put up. Those stats include 11,207 receiving yards, 74 receiving touchdowns, four First-team ALl-pro, and seven Pro Bowls.