5 bold predictions for Pittsburgh Steelers defense in 2020

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The Steelers’ defense was one of the NFL’s best last year, but the group still has some bold predictions that can be made about their 2020 season

The Steelers defense was their saving grace last season, as the team rallied behind the incredible defensive play to break even on the season. Considering this defense is returning almost all of their starters, the Steelers defense should be primed for yet another great season. This unit won’t surprise anyone this year, as a defensive juggernaut the team already has some big believers amongst the media.

Now, there will be some positive and negative play for sure with the unit, as some players are in new positions for the year. There are also new starters at NT and ILB (sort of) that will need to prove they can replicate previous success at those positions. Finally, there are some possible depth issues at various positions that could rear their head and detract from the Steelers season.

Even with the questions above, it will be a disappointment if this unit doesn’t finish as a top-three option this season. They have elite talent at every level, and that should pay dividends when they stop offenses and cause big turnovers.

Thus, coming up with bold predictions isn’t easy. The Steelers shouldn’t expect a lot of regression from this unit, so making a bold prediction for regression isn’t a great move. That said, there are a few bold predictions that can be made about this unit in terms of how successful they can be. All of this considered, here are five bold predictions for the Steelers defense in 2020.

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