10 NFL records held by seven Pittsburgh Steelers

Running back Franco Harris #32 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Running back Franco Harris #32 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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As much as Steelers fans would like to see a Pittsburgh Steeler hold the NFL record in each statistical category, they do not. However, There are ten NFL records currently maintained by seven Pittsburgh Steeler players.

Most career playoff touches: 451

Most Career Playoff Rushing Attempts: 400

In this case, one Steelers player holds two separate NFL records. In case you have not guessed who owns them, it’s none other than Franco Harris. These records still stand 37 years after he retired. Not that other running backs have not had the opportunity to come close to breaking them. Emmit Smith is second behind Franco in rushing attempts with 349, and Thurman Thomas is second in playoff touches with 415. He holds the two records for on reason.

The primary reason he holds this record is that the ’70s Steelers made the playoffs eight seasons in a row with Franco and nine overall and four Superbowl victories. A feat not many teams have duplicated since.

Even Roger Craig, in his years with the 49ers, only mustered 208 playoff rushing attempts. The Patriots, in their dominance, generally relied on the arm of Tom Brady. Considering Franco by 1983, retired as the third all-time leading rusher, and the Steelers had one of the best offensive lines ever assembled, the Steelers dared opposing teams to stop their rushing game. They ran the ball.

In Superbowl IX, Franco even had a single playoff game-high of 34 rushing attempts. He could have added to this record; however, he missed the AFC championship game in 1976 to an injury. Considering the longevity of this NFL record, it seems highly unlikely to be broken anytime soon