The five most memorable Steelers players to wear jersey number 33

Trey Edmunds #33 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Trey Edmunds #33 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /
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In Pittsburgh Steelers’ history, particular players have immortalized specific jersey numbers. Steelers fans can not see jersey number 75 without thinking of “Mean” Joe Greene or see number 12 and not automatically say that is Terry Bradshaw’s number.

One such Steelers jersey without the same notoriety is Number 33. To date, only a handful of players have worn jersey number 33, and In most cases, the players with that jersey have faded into anonymity. However, not all have.

So here are the five most memorable Steelers fans might think of when they see number 33. Although before diving into the five most memorable Steelers to wear number 33,  six former Steelers l had to be considered for the list, so one player gets an honorable mention.

Charlie Seabright # 33  BB-QB 1946-1950

Charlie had an outstanding career with the West Virginia University from 1938-1941 and eventually made the WVU hall of fame in 2004. After graduation, he played one season with the Cleveland Rams then served in World War II. After the war, The Steelers signed Seabright. Even though he had a relatively short career with the Steelers, several things made him a memorable player for the Steelers.

First, many Steelers fans might forget that in 1947 the Steelers made a run at the championship game that year but lost in a one-game playoff to the eventual NFL champions Philadelphia Eagles. Some have considered his play one of the reasons the Steelers faired so well that season.

Also, unlike players today, except for one other player on this list, he played multiple positions. On offense, Charlie played primarily as a blocking back with a few stints as starting quarterback; however, he also played some defense. He did all this during a time that teams began phasing out the practice of playing both sides of the ball.

Seabright also had one other peculiarity that made him memorable. When he ran the offense as a quarterback, he ran the single-wing formation, a precursor of the T formation, and in 1952, the Steelers switched to the T formation as the last NFL team to do so.

So Charlie Seabright certainly earned an honorable mention as he definitely contends for one of the most memorable players to wear number 33