Pros and cons if Steelers vs. Titans Week 4 matchup gets postponed

James Conner #30 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
James Conner #30 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /
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The Pittsburgh Steelers biggest test yet was supposed to be their Week 4 matchup against the Titans. Here are the pros and cons if the game is postponed.

The Pittsburgh Steelers matchup with the Titans could end up being postponed. The two teams were both neck and neck in 2019 to make the playoffs before Tennessee ran away with the wild card spot. They managed to defeat the number 1 seed Ravens in the process. They used good defense with a very solid running game to pair with comeback player of the year Ryan Tannehill. This resulted in a postseason force that Tennessee generated with themselves.

With multiple players and personnel testing positive for COVID-19, it seems as though the Week 4 match up will have to wait. The need of a two-week quarantine for people who test positive being a factor, Tennessee’s immediate season is in jeopardy. The Titans organization has already announced they are closing their facilities for the week in hopes to stop the spread.

The league could elect to give the Steelers an early bye, while moving their matchup with Tennessee to Week 7 and shifting the Steelers vs. Ravens match up to Week 8. This is because the Steelers and Ravens were scheduled to play in Week 7, but that is Tennesse’s bye week, and Baltimore and Pittsburgh both have a bye in Week 8.

With this being an early inter-conference match up between two more-than-likely playoff contenders, there is little to no chance Pittsburgh picks up a forfeit. There will be playoff implications from this match up whenever it happens.

While this was not planned, the early bye week would bring some benefits and detriments to the men in black and gold. What makes this such a good, yet such a bad thing for the Pittsburgh Steelers? Here are the pros and cons: