Steelers 2021 mock draft: Pittsburgh balances offense and defense

TCU Horned Frogs free safety Trevon Moehrig Mandatory Credit: Timothy Flores-USA TODAY Sports
TCU Horned Frogs free safety Trevon Moehrig Mandatory Credit: Timothy Flores-USA TODAY Sports /
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With the NFL season a quarter of the way through, an updated mock draft seems appropriate for the Steelers coming

While the Steelers would have ideally played four games before this quarter season mock, they, unfortunately, had to take an early bye week due to a COVID outbreak on the Titans. Mock drafts this early are hard to predict, and it doesn’t make it any easier since the Steelers have only had the chance to play three games. That said, putting a mock out this early serve to project what the needs of this team will be next offseason and bring up some interesting prospects to keep an eye on as the college season progresses.

My first mock of this season had the Steelers targeting the athletic Jamie Newman in the first, and considering he opted out of this season, that makes the likelihood of the Steelers taking him far less likely. Given Ben Roethlisberger’s play and comments before the season, drafting a QB that high also makes little sense. That said, adding a safety and a tackle in the second and third rounds of the mock does make a lot of sense and make a reappearance in this mock.

There has also been a change in the projected number of total picks for the Steelers. Since Sean Davis was released, his comp pick is now in question. He could still end up being a sixth-round comp pick, he could fall as a seventh, or the Steelers may just lose the pick. Thus, this mock will have the Steelers picking in the first, second, third, twice in the fourth, and twice in the seventh round. As well, given the strong start, the Steelers will be picking late in this mock.

Finally, given the early nature of this mock, a lot of this still falls into projection. Some players have yet to even play due to COVID, and everyone else is only a few games into their collegiate season. Look at the positions and the style of player chosen along with the actual player, as this will give a better idea of what I think the Steelers will be targeting in the 2021 draft. With all of this said, here is the Steelers quarter season mock draft.