Chase Claypool was Steelers player of the game vs. the Eagles in Week 5

Chase Claypool #11 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Chase Claypool #11 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

It was yet against another nail-bitter for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they found ways to lose leads throughout the game. It was another battle but one Pittsburgh was able to win by a score of 38-29 to improve to a 4-0 record.

It was a tough and hard-fought offensive onslaught showed by both teams. The defenses struggled to find their footing at times when it came to defending their opposition but the major factor was the takeaways. The Steelers defense was able to cause turnovers while the Eagles defense couldn’t force any. This allowed the Steelers to pull away some and hold onto a lead.

This game was far from an easy win for the black and yellow as the Eagles stormed back from being down 17 points and only trailed by two after a great comeback attempt by Wentz and the men wearing the green helmets. The offense from Pittsburgh was just too much for Philadelphia to handle and that’s how victory was secured.

This was another tough game and one the defense struggled with at many moments against an injury-riddled offense but the victory was made possible by the player of the game, Chase Claypool. He really showed off his talents and was able to show what he can do going forward for the offense. There are so many targets to go to for Ben Roethlisberger that opposing defenses are going to have major issues coming up with game plans against them.

Claypool had a breakout game against the cross-state rivals.

Claypool, the second-round pick out of Notre Dame had a monster game. This outing will definitely get him looks all around the league as the Steelers have yet again found an absolute stud to implement in their offensive attack.

He was able to show his physicality and speed throughout the game as he aided by running the ball and a nice aerial assault as well. The rookie was able to cause havoc for the Eagles as he made plays in each quarter and made crucial catches. One of his best plays was a nice comeback route that should’ve been a huge first down conversion but a terrible offensive pass interference call was made by the referees.

Claypool was a highlight machine throughout and he just took over this game. Claypool had seven receptions for 110 receiving yards, three receiving touchdowns, six rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown. The four touchdown performance is very eye-opening and something future opponents will keep their focus on going forward. That can open up things for other receivers going forward.

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Claypool had an amazing game and the Steelers were able to win over the Eagles. It will be a tough test as they have a difficult stretch of games upcoming, which starts next week against the somewhat decent Cleveland Browns.