AFC North report cards through first quarter of the 2020 season

John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /
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The AFC North seems to be a very competitive and deep division this year after the first four games of each team have been played. It will be a tough go for the remaining weeks ahead for the division to shake out.

The first quarter of each NFL team is important as many can gauge how your season will unfold. This doesn’t go to say that one-quarter of a season will define a team but it will help figure out their odds of being contenders. Since the Steelers original week four game was postponed, another week of catchup had to occur until this list of judgment could be passed down.

Each team will receive a letter grade for how they have done so far this season and that will all depend on a few things. The grading will focus on their record, opponents they defeated, and how they performed in the game.

It seems to be a tough fight in the division this season with three potential contenders on the horizon in the AFC North. Perhaps three teams will represent the division when it comes to playoff time or some of these teams will falter as the season progresses.

All of the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns have amazing records that are shaping up for potential playoff runs this season. Each team still has to at least play each other one if not two more times. The division will be defined by these rivalry games played in the tough and gritty grasses of the North. Who runs the North? Well, that question will be answered with some difficult games moving forward.