4 biggest causes for concern for Steelers vs. Browns Week 6

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The Steelers have their first real test this week against the Browns, and here are the reasons to be concerned heading into the week six matchup

While the Steelers had their fair share of struggles against the Eagles last week, they still put together a solid win altogether. The offense was electric behind Chase Claypool’s monster performance while the defense was solid against the run outsides of Miles Sanders 74-yard score early in the game. The biggest issue, and an unfortunate growing theme, was the struggles of the secondary, as the Eagles stayed competitive in their matchup partially due to their extended success throwing the football.

Heading into week six, the path gets less easy for the Steelers, as tougher teams begin to rear their heads for this stretch. Starting this week with the Browns, who have been on quite the hot streak, the schedule suddenly gets a bit tenser. It isn’t anything that should completely alter the Steelers game plan, but it is worth noting that the team will need to fix its problems if they want to have a chance at remaining unbeaten.

Going into this matchup, the Browns are presenting a ferocious pass rush on defense and a great rushing attack, and an inconsistent passing attack on offense. It seems like the Browns offense rotates between making incredible plays and simple mistakes, which has allowed for high scoring games both for them and their opponents. The Steelers can’t take this game lightly or else they could face a steep deficit early. All of this said, here are the four biggest causes for concern for the Steelers week six matchup against the Browns.

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