Steelers should be angry over Hunt’s “This one is for Myles” comments

The Steelers will likely have a close matchup against the Browns this week, but a recent remark from Cleveland will add more fuel to the fire

It is no secret that last year Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph had an unfortunate altercation at the end of the Steelers and Browns first matchup. A handful of suspensions and a plethora of fines followed, and while there is still some tension between these two teams, both seemed to be ready to play looking toward the future as opposed to the incidents from last year. That was, however, until Kareem Hunt decided to throw his two cents on the matter.

According to Hunt, this game is some sort of a revenge game for Garrett, who had his 2019 season cruelly ended due to being suspended for the rest of the year. I’m sorry, but he can’t be serious, can he? What happened last year was a train wreck for both organizations, but the Browns in no way received an unfair punishment.

The Steelers may not be innocent, but the Browns clearly weren’t

Thinking back to last year, the aforementioned play started when Garrett took Rudolph down late despite already securely having the win. A scuffle on the ground, started my Rudolph occurred, which ended with Garrett taking off Rudolph’s helmet and eventually swinging it into the backup quarterback’s exposed head. While both sides had some blame, Garrett was clearly the far more aggressive of the two.

As a side note but important to consider, Garrett claimed Rudolph called him a racial slur. While this was heavily disputed by the media and eventually thrown out by the NFL due to lack of evidence if such a thing was said I would hope Rudolph would be handed justice and cut, as the Steelers have no need for a player to say such a thing. That said, considering the case was thrown out, the only facts that can be considered are the ones present.

While the late hit was a bad look for Garrett, it was Rudolph who began their fight on the ground. However, Garrett ripping off an opposing player’s helmet and swinging it like a weapon at an exposed head is uncalled for no matter the circumstances. Garrett deserved every bit of the suspension he received, and to treat him as a martyr for using a helmet essentially as a weapon is uncalled for.

Even more laughable, Hunt made mention of how much he disliked his suspension, saying that Garrett didn’t like his suspension thus the need for this revenge tour. Not to make light of the situation by any means, but Hunt was seen on video kicking a woman, an act that has no place in this world let alone by a player making millions of dollars. Frankly, he got off easy, and should in no way be using his suspension as grounds for why Garrett should get his revenge.

Win, lose or draw, the Steelers should be hoping for a clean game against the Browns. The Steelers should in no way incite more violence as a way to make up for the unfortunate actions that happened a year ago. That said, Hunt is out of his mind if he thinks that Garrett got a raw deal last year. He’s stoking the fire in a matchup that already is heated due to the AFC’s standings.