Writers Picks: Pittsburgh Steelers Week 6 matchup vs. Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Chuks Okorafor (76) (Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Chuks Okorafor (76) (Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Our team at the Still Curtain provide their predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 6 matchup against AFC North rival, Cleveland Browns.

Opening their annual carousel of AFC North games for 2020, the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0) host the Cleveland Browns (4-1), both aiming to knock off each of their four-game winning streaks. Finally, in all of our current existences, the hype of the Browns is slightly being lived up to and will be an evening that hasn’t brought this sort of worry for Steelers fans in quite some time.

Cleveland arrives with a punishing rushing attack and talent on offense greater than what we all could remember in their recent history. Whether the talks of Browns DE Myles Garrett will be on his impact or last year’s incident, the battle of the trenches begins with him and expands on both sides of the ball for the Steelers. Experts have weighed in, Vegas odds say -3.5, & now it’s our turn at the Still Curtain.

Weekly Recap

Much like the Steelers and Browns, our grand winning streaks are at stake. The goal is to be 16-0, and through the first quarter of the season, the start for the group listed below is exceptional.

The race for the best record is tight, but nobody should separate anytime soon as our predictions for the upcoming week six matchup similarly aligns across the board, besides a minor shakeup.

Still Curtain’s 2020 Record

Eric Hassel (4-0)

Ed Hunt (4-0)

Andrew Falce (3-1)

Tommy Jaggi (4-0)

Brandon Kring (4-0)

Jordan Newman (4-0)

Ryan Pawloski (4-0)

Casey Sadekoski (4-0)

Week six predictions vs. Browns

“The Browns will come to play and will play us tough but in the end, Big Ben will save the day with a game-winning drive that results in a Chris Boswell field goal.  The defense will be called upon yet again the protect a slim lead. After an INT to seal the win, Pittsburgh beat the Browns.” – Eric Hassel (Steelers 22-21)

“Browns are a hot team but they have a lot of injuries. I think Pittsburgh takes this one win against a beat-up Cleveland team.” – Ed Hunt (Steelers 27-24)

“The game isn’t easy for the Steelers, as Mayfield has a four TD game despite recording three interceptions. Pittsburgh keeps it close, and Conner reminds the NFL of his talent with a 175 total yard day and a pair of scores. A Claypool TD sends the game into overtime and a Boswell FG wins it late.” – Andrew Falce (Steelers 38-35)

“The Browns had numerous players show up on the injury report this week. While Pittsburgh is one of the healthiest teams in the league, I have an unsettling feeling about this contest. Cleveland has been terrific at running the wide zone and working off play-action. Though Keith Butler’s defense has been excellent against the run, I think their aggressive play will make them very susceptible this week.” – Tommy Jaggi (Browns 27-23)

“The Browns are no longer the worst team in the league and will give Pittsburgh their first big test. The run defense has to shut Cleveland’s run game down and force Baker to beat them. The Steelers offense will continue to ride a rejuvenated Ben and give the Steelers a close victory in the division.” – Brandon Kring (Steelers 24-20)

”So far on the year, it seems the opponents have been a step down from who Pittsburgh faced the week before, but not this time. The Cleveland Browns are 4-1 and with a four-game winning streak of their own as well, things will not be easy for the guys dressed in Black and Gold. However, as ailments hinder Cleveland’s OL, it does enough to shell their running game, preventing a balanced attack. Steelers take advantage of the few stops the defense provides to edge out a win at the end.” – Jordan Newman (Steelers 30-20)

“This will be the toughest test for Pittsburgh yet. Even though it’ll be a tough fought game, they should still be able to secure victory over their division rival. The secondary for the defense is still very questionable and will probably lead to another shootout like last game.” – Ryan Pawloski (Steelers 28-27)

“The Cleveland Browns are going to be the toughest competition for the Steelers yet. Andy Janovich is quietly their best pickup from the offseason by being the best blocking full back in the league. They’ll have better averages running the ball than we’ve allowed yet this year. But I still see Pittsburgh winning a close one.” – Casey Sadekoski (Steelers 34-31)

Must Read. 4 Steelers that need to see less playing time going forward. light

Everyone at Still Curtain with the exception of site expert, Tommy Jaggi, is predicting a Steelers win this week against the Browns. Let’s hope the majority is correct and Pittsburgh advances to 5-0.