6 best moments from the Pittsburgh Steelers win vs. Ravens

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The Pittsburgh Steelers came into their Week 8 Matchup against the Ravens starting off strong.

The underdog Pittsburgh Steelers would start the game on defense. It would not take very long for Robert Spillane to make his mark. He played an epic game throughout the entirety of it.

The black and gold would deal with a few important injuries just as the Ravens would. It was a hard fought game that was a classic. It was a messy showing in a wet environment for both teams. Both teams combined for a total of 5 turnovers.

The most important thing is that the Steelers won. The Ravens had the best record in the league in 2019, and they swept us. Pittsburgh came in and fought hard, especially in the second half to come out and erase a two possession lead against a team that is built to play with the lead. 28-24 isn’t a huge win, and the Ravens had a chance to win it at the end of the game. Yet, the Pittsburgh Steelers played hard until the final whistle.

Robert Spillane has been erasing doubts about Devin Bush’s season-ending injury.

On the Ravens’ third offensive play of the game, Robert Spillane Picks the ball off on 3rd and 6 and runs it back for a score.

Robert Spillane has been playing well filling in for Devin Bush and he gives the Steelers their second defensive touchdown of the year. He made a great read and play on the ball and I was surprised by the burst of speed he showed on his way to the end zone. It is worth noting that he would not only score on a turnover, but Spillane would also show his speed yet again while making a touchdown-saving tackle on the next drive. Granted, he slipped on a wet field and gave up the play originally, but he caught back up to Willie Snead and kept him from reaching the end zone.

#41 was making his presence known early and often in this game and after that first splash play, it was clear that Spillane would be talked about throughout the game. He showed much more speed on the field than his 4.77 40 yard dash time would suggest. He showed a grit and type of hard nosed play that is turning me into a Robert Spillane fan.

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