4 reasons Steelers are clear winners in Avery Williamson trade

Avery Williamson #54 of the New York Jets (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Avery Williamson #54 of the New York Jets (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Avery Williamson of the Jets /

The compensation

The Steelers won this trade because they gave up virtually nothing to acquire Williamson. A 2022 fifth for Williamson and a 2022 seventh is barely worth noting, as picks that far out and that low have little value. For reference, the Steelers orchestrated a similar deal for lineman Chris Wormley this offseason, and that deal isn’t horrible in the grand scheme of things due to how little value that truly represents.

To me, it is almost shocking the Jets were willing to give him up for so little. Yes, they are clearly tanking, but had he stayed on the team and kept playing at such a high level, he likely would have signed a deal that could have landed them a comp pick of similar value. The caveat with that is that if the Jets go on a spending spree, that won’t matter, but still, it seems like Williamson could have been worth a little more.

Looking at the Steelers, they gave up essentially the same value for Williamson that they gave up for Wormley. Williamson has played over 60 percent of the Jets defensive snaps while Wormley has only played 11 percent of the Steelers snaps. The team is getting a superior player for next to nothing, and Colbert should be praised for this. Even if Williamson only plays sparingly this year, this move is a win.