4 bold predictions for the Steelers in Week 9 vs. Cowboys

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Here are some bold predictions for the Steelers week nine matchup against the Cowboys

To put it lightly, the Steelers should be in control of this game based on the struggles that the Cowboys have. They have suffered through enough serious injuries to inhibit their roster and even before that their defense was playing like one of the worst in the NFL. Now, they prep to face the Steelers, a team that has the best record in the NFL and are a growing favorite for a potential Super Bowl berth.

That makes the idea of bold predictions for this game rather difficult, as the boldest predictions would entail having the Cowboys win. That said, there are still quite a few that could hold up this week. Last week, my prediction that Lamar Jackson would struggle was the only one that came true. That said, it proved to be the most important factor in the Steelers winning. Had Jackson had a usual outing, the Steelers would likely have lost in week eight.

While none of the bold predictions this week are a slam dunk to hold up, it isn’t impossible that one or two end up coming true on Sunday. As well, depending on how true they end up being, it could significantly alter the game. Both teams are playing for something. The Steelers want to keep their lead over the NFL while the Cowboys are still in the race to win the NFC East somehow. Neither team can afford to lay down this week.

With all of this said, here are four bold predictions for the Steelers vs the Cowboys in week nine.

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