Steelers will need to cut Haden or Nelson to improve CB room

Joe Haden Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Joe Haden Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Due to bad play, cap constraints, and better options, the Steelers need to consider cutting a starting CB

It is no secret at this point that the Steelers secondary has regressed from last year. After the trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick, this unit came together and helped shut down opposing offenses. Part of this was due to the massive increase in turnovers, as the unit seemed to come up with interceptions and big plays more often then not. While the turnovers were a major plus, the coverage itself was really good, and it was hard for teams to move the ball through the air as a result.

While a regression in turnovers was expected, the overall regression has been a concern for the Steelers. Outside of a few solid games, the Steelers secondary has seemed to struggle consistently week in and week out. Though the team is still undefeated, that is more due to the impressive pass rush and run defense than the struggling secondary. With an offseason coming up that will likely be tight in terms of cap space, it may be time for the Steelers to cut either Joe Haden or Steven Nelson.

Now, a move like this would happen after the season obviously, but it still doesn’t mean this issue should be ignored until then. The real problem isn’t just their suffering play, but instead the fact that two younger and more talented in-house options are pending free agents. Based on their 2020 play, the Steelers would be wise to move some money around and sign one of them instead of keeping one of the aforementioned veterans.

While this would certainly be a risk, it is one that the Steelers have to consider due to the regression in play. Below is the reasons why each player should or shouldn’t be kept as well as what it will cost (or likely cost) for the Steelers to have them on the roster next year. With all of that said, here is the breakdown of what the Steelers will need to do at cornerback moving forward.