5 bold predictions for the Steelers in Week 11 vs. Jaguars

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Here are five bold predictions for the Steelers vs. the Jaguars in week 11

Last week’s game went about as well for the Steelers as a fan could have hoped for. The team was consistent despite lacking a running game on offense and the defense held its own despite the occasional mistake. As for the bold predictions I made last week, Ray-Ray McCloud almost got in the end zone on a punt return and Joe Burrow had his fair share of mistakes. Besides that, the game went mostly according to plan which didn’t allow many bold outcomes.

This week, a similar style of game is in front of the team, as the Jaguars are arguably the worst team in the NFL right now not named the Jets. There are holes all over this roster, and with little star talent, this game should be a blowout. Based on the history between these two teams though, this game is likely to be much closer, as Tomlin has never beaten the Jaguars by more than eight points.

With all that said, here are five bold predictions for the Steelers vs. the Jaguars in week 11.

This game is close

As stated above, history has not been kind to the Steelers when they play the Jaguars. While the team has played six games against the Jaguars since Tomlin took over, they have split those games evenly. The only blowout came when the Steelers lost to this team 30-9 in 2017. Assuming this trend holds up, this game will likely be closer than most would anticipate.

While the Jaguars are a team riddled with issues, they have their fair share of talented players as well. This receiving core is diverse and relatively deep while rookie running back James Robinson has been a revelation for this team. That said, inconsistent quarterback play and a pitiful offensive line has caused this team to struggle with moving the ball. The defense is even worse, but players like Josh Allen and Myles Jack have displayed promise in the past.

This game shouldn’t be close on paper, but the history between the teams says otherwise. If the Steelers come out sluggish as they did against the Cowboys, it could allow the Jaguars to take an early lead and set up their running game. The Steelers need to start this game as they ended against the Bengals. If not, don’t be surprised if this game is decided by one score.

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