Trends Steelers need to avoid to get first Thanksgiving win

Torrey Smith #82 of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Torrey Smith #82 of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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The Steelers have yet to pull off a win on Thanksgiving in the Super Bowl era and that trend may continue this year

The Steelers find themselves atop the AFC North entering this critical week 12. While any matchup against the Ravens is never easy, this matchup on paper should in theory favor the Steelers. The Steelers have the superior record between the two and they have already beaten the Ravens earlier in the year. As well, both teams are coming off short weeks for this matchup, essentially serving as a wash as a disadvantage.

The issue is the Steelers have a horrible record in terms of Thanksgiving play. Since the Super Bowl was created, this team has yet to win on Thanksgiving. The only positive trend that the team can cite is that over the four games on Thanksgiving that this team has played, each loss has gotten closer. Their first bout in 1983 was a blowout, and their most recent endeavor in 2013 was only a two-point loss. With all of this said, here is a summary by game and what it means for the Steelers.

A quick note

This is merely a trend for this team and doesn’t guarantee a win or a loss for the team on Thursday. The Steelers are fielding their best team in a long time which should make them competitive in any game they play. That said the Ravens will be a tough opponent no matter what week it is and playing off the short week is never an easy feat.

Because of this, the trend of Thanksgiving losses could end up being applicable on Thursday. Any game against the Ravens is a tough one typically, so throwing in the short week and the history of losses on Thanksgiving could be an issue. No matter what, expect this trend to be a talking point come Thanksgiving.