Trends Steelers need to avoid to get first Thanksgiving win

Torrey Smith #82 of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Torrey Smith #82 of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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Michael Irvin #88 of the Dallas Cowboys(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

Thanksgiving 1991

This game mostly flipped the script from the previous Thanksgiving game, as the Steelers were the clear underdogs in this matchup. This was the dawn of the Cowboys 90’s dynasty, as both Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith were just starting their eventual hall of fame careers. Those two were the real reasons that the Steelers lost, as both combined for 285 yards and both of the Cowboys scores.

The Steelers defense did well besides allowing success from the two Cowboys stars. The unit had four sacks on the day. The issue was the offense, as the group didn’t muster much of a push. While Neil O’Donnell wasn’t as bad as both quarterbacks in 1983, he only tallied 167 yards and no scores in the game. Warren Williams had the only score for the Steelers, but he failed to log more than 59 yards rushing for the game.

On paper, this game went as everyone previewed it. The Cowboys stars continued to succeed despite some resistance from the Steelers defense.  The problem was the lackluster Steelers defense, as they struggled to move the ball. Take heed of this week, as the Ravens have quite a few stars that have already shined against the Steelers this season. The team will need to be able to put them out if they want to win.