Writers’ Picks: Steelers Week 12 matchup vs. Baltimore Ravens

Nov 1, 2020; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) loss top throws as Baltimore Ravens linebacker L.J. Fort (58) (Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)
Nov 1, 2020; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) loss top throws as Baltimore Ravens linebacker L.J. Fort (58) (Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Still Curtain provides their predictions of the second matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0) and Baltimore Ravens (6-4).

Two of their three previous times the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to beat the Baltimore Ravens twice in a single-season (postseason included), they advanced to the Super Bowl. 2017-18 marking the year in which they didn’t, as they fell short to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the divisional round. Still, great success can be projected when they accomplish this feat.

For the Steelers 2020 Super Bowl destiny, Week 8 was the first of two games on the year. Hopeless in the first-half outside of a fantastic defensive play by LB Robert Spillane, a late run in the second half by Pittsburgh allowed them to overcome Baltimore for a close win, 28-24.

As the road gets more grueling for the Black and Gold in their quest for perfection, despair is settling in on the Ravens. Currently on a three-game losing streak and with COVID-19 affecting Baltimore for a second time, even a sliver of hope seems faint at this point. However, the matchup won’t be easy for the Steelers, and as the Ravens currently sit in third place in the AFC North, each week bears a heavier weight.

Writers’ Recap

With new names continuing to grow the Still Curtain team, the participation has followed in our predictions. A new face to place their foot in this race last week, another quickly joins the ranks for a second-straight game.

Our writers agree that the Steelers will emerge victorious, as we have all unanimously chosen Pittsburgh to win last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars and have done so again versus the Baltimore Ravens:

Still Curtain’s 2020 Records

Andrew Falce (9-1)

Eric Hassel (10-0)

Ed Hunt (8-2)

Tommy Jaggi (9-1)

Brandon Kring (8-2)

Austin Lloyd (1-0)

Jordan Newman (10-0)

Sam Ouhaj (2-0)

Ryan Pawloski (9-1)

Casey Sadekoski (9-1)

Alec Silverman (0-0)

Week twelve predictions vs. Ravens

“With these two teams finally playing, I expect to see a ravens offense similar to week 17 of last season. While they won last year, the Steelers current offense can easily keep pace with them.” – Andrew Falce (PIT 24-17)

“In what will be a revenge game for the Ravens, they get off to a fast start, but the defense stiffens up and holds them in check the rest of the way. The Steelers offense does enough to play keep away from the Ravens offense. We improve to 11-0.” – Eric Hassel (PIT 24-20)

“The Black and Gold will be mad their schedule got messed up and will take it out on the Ravens.” – Ed Hunt (PIT 20-10)

“Week 12 has been utter chaos for the Steelers, but it could end up working out in their favor. While it looks like Baltimore will be getting J.K. Dobbins and Mark Ingram back, thanks to yet another late postponement, Baltimore will be very short-handed for this contest. With Robert Griffin III taking the reigns this week, I have Pittsburgh winning their 11th straight game.” – Tommy Jaggi (PIT 28-17)

“With Lamar Jackson being out and Ingram and Dobbins impact in the air (if they even play) the Steelers are in better position to pull of the sweep.” – Brandon Kring (PIT 28-17)

“The Steelers have beaten Baltimore once already. To do it again, they need to establish the dual-threat offense and lockdown defense that they had last Sunday in Jacksonville. Pittsburgh is the better team, all they have to do is play like it.” – Austin Lloyd (PIT 31-26)

”Since the Ravens are making me change my previous prediction, this adds reasons as to why I already believed the Steelers will beat them for a second time. However, my final score will change a bit as my explanation did. Pittsburgh comes in with their biggest chip on their shoulder on the season as Baltimore shuffles through a riddled roster.” – Jordan Newman (PIT 34-10)

“No Lamar Jackson = an easy Steelers win.” – Sam Ouhaj (PIT 28-10)

“After many setbacks and delays, this will finally happen. The Ravens are without many of their starters and should struggle to do anything against this Steelers team. Baltimore will score late to make this seem closer than it was.” – Ryan Pawloski (PIT 28-17)

“The Steelers are going to play their most physical brand of football we’ve seen them play this season. Numerous reports of Ravens players threatening a strike if the game was played Tuesday more than likely upset a lot of Steelers. Pittsburgh completely beats on Baltimore.” – Casey Sadekoski (PIT 31-13)

“The preparation for both teams coming into Week 11 has never been seen before. As the Ravens have quite a few positive COVID-19 tests, they will be without a few important players like Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews. Earlier in the year, the Steelers beat the Ravens in Baltimore. This time around, the Ravens have to travel to us. I believe the Steelers will take care of business and win.” – Alec Silverman (PIT 27-17)

Must Read. 3 games that could ruin the Steelers perfect season in 2020. light

The Steelers have a lot to play for and a lot to be upset about with the way things have worked out in Week 12. Our team of writers believes Pittsburgh will take it to the Ravens and advance to 11-0 on the season.