4 biggest causes of concern Steelers vs Washington Week 13

Running back DeAngelo Williams #34 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Running back DeAngelo Williams #34 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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Here are the Steelers causes for concerns for their Football Team matchup this week

After a week of moving games around and a near loss against a decrepit Ravens team, the Steelers are now on a short week against the Football Team. While the team should be favored to win this game, it may prove more difficult than many fans anticipate. With all of that said, here are four causes of concern for the Steelers against the Football Team.

Antonio Gibson

The Football Team had one of the better drafts this year, and while Chase Young has done his thing as a pass rusher, Antonio Gibson has become a dynamic player on this offense. He showed the NFL on Thanksgiving that he is a threat with the ball in his hands with roughly 140 yards total and three scores.

While he came out of college as a gadget player and seemed destined to be a receiving back, he has shown flashes as a runner. For starters, he has a nose for the endzone, as he has 11 rushing scores on the year. Throw in the almost 900 total scrimmage yards, and it is apparent that the Football Team wants the offense to flow through him. In turn, he has responded by killing quite a few defenses.

The issue is, even the Steelers stop him as a runner, the Football team will still get him involved as a receiver. If the Steelers want to shut this offense down, they will need to limit what Gibson does. They can’t ignore the other backs either, as J.D. McKissic has been an active receiver as well while Peyton Barber can be a brutal downhill rusher. It starts and stops with Gibson though, as stopping him will be the key to limiting this offense.