5 bold predictions for the Steelers in Week 13 vs Washington

Running back Matt Jones #31 of the Washington Redskins (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Running back Matt Jones #31 of the Washington Redskins (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Here are the bold predictions for the Steelers week 13 matchup against the Football Team

While the two opposing records may make this game seem lopsided, the Football Team is fielding a talented roster and one that matches up well against the Steelers. As of now, this game hasn’t been moved around as drastically as last weeks was, which caused some of the bold predictions last week to be way off due to the changing timeframe of the game. The start time and players involved seem much more set, thus making these predictions much more likely. All of that said, here are five bold predictions for the Steelers week 13 matchup with the Football Team.

Game is decided late and by a field goal

First prediction covers the outcome of this game. While the Steelers are favorites in this matchup, I’m much more hesitant to give them the easy win. For starters, the Football Team has a solid defense in terms of coverage, and given the Steelers willingness to throw recently, this could be an issue. Washington’s front seven is a talented group as well, especially when it comes to applying pressure and sacking the quarterback.

Throw in the Football Team’s blossoming offense and suddenly this game looks like it should be competitive. As well, the Steelers are coming off a short week while the Football team hasn’t played since they crushed the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. If Washington can get in a rhythm and their defense can test Ben Roethlisberger, this game could be a lot tighter than most would expect.

Thus, the bold prediction is this: this game is decided by a blocked field goal late in the game. The Steelers are up 27-24 late in the fourth, but a heroic drive by Alex Smith sets the Football Team up for a last-minute field goal to force overtime. Carlos Davis bursts through the middle after the snap and gets a hand on the ball, knocking it to the ground. While a scenario such as this is bold, don’t be surprised if the final score is close, as this game seems like it could be a real challenge.