4 best moments from the Steelers Week 14 loss vs. Bills

Steelers Mike Hilton .Jg 121320 Bills 26
Steelers Mike Hilton .Jg 121320 Bills 26 /
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The Steelers vs. Bills game had some highs in the first half, but it was followed by a rough second half.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the Steelers’ current squad at the moment. Alex Highsmith was obviously feeling his injury in the second half and Randy Fichtner was not ready to make adjustments to what the Bills decided to do offensively. The Bills decided to let Pittsburgh blitz 6 or 7 guys almost every play and their counter to it was to get the ball out quick to the best route runner in the AFC.

To be frank, Tyreek Hill is the only real competition Stefon Diggs has for being the best wide receiver in our contest and those two guys are far and away above the rest of the pack. When you are dealing with a player that talented as a coach you have to make adjustments knowing that leaving him in single-man coverage all game is going to lead to disastrous results. I understand they didn’t have much of another option, with fielding an inside linebacker, a practice squad player in rotation, and a converted safety with no depth behind them. Yet at some point, you have to try zone.

Pittsburgh used to be famous for their zone blitzes, and they had effective personnel to be able to dial some tricky cover 2 and cover 3 concepts sending 1 or 2 at most extra defenders to try and confuse an uber-talented but still young quarterback. Keith Butler studied under possibly the best defensive coordinator there ever was in terms of these concepts and just doing it enough to add some wrinkles to the Bills second half gameplan may have led to a much more winnable half and ultimately game. Yet there were some good moments in this game even when it was a heart-wrenching loss.