3 losers from Steelers disheartening loss to the Bengals in Week 15

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The Steelers have been on a cold streak these last three games and after last night it is clear there are three losers that need to be discussed.

The only word I have to say from last night’s performance is pathetic. The Steelers have now dropped their last three games, with two of those teams being under .500. As a team once thought to be contenders, it is beginning to look more like they were pretenders. The defense had to bail out the offense once again, but they too played down to their competition.

There were no winners from last night, especially when you lose to the Bengals, a division rival. However, three losers stand out from the entire team and need to be called out, and a discussion must unfold about their futures going forward.

Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin is a future Hall of Fame coach, do not get me wrong, but over the last three weeks, he has become apart of the losing category both figuratively and literally. I understand that he is not the one playing on the field, and he can only go as far as his team plays, but to lose these last three games in the way they have and not have anything to say is concerning. Yes, he did say, “the Steelers are not a good football group right now,” but still, that does not excuse these three losses.

I am not a head coach, but if I had to give my thought to the situation, I would have already stated we are not a good team after the first loss, not the third. It is sad to see the Steelers implode after starting the season 11-0, and hopefully, they can bounce back, but until they do, it starts with Mike Tomlin getting his team motivated and back on track.

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