4 reasons the Steelers shouldn’t draft a 1st round QB in 2021

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Extra resources in 2022

One of the primary issues with taking a quarterback in the draft this year is where the Steelers will be drafting from. Given that they are a playoff team, they will have a pick somewhere between 20-32 overall. If there is a quarterback prospect the team likes, one of the best things the team could do is trade up to secure him.

The issue is the team doesn’t have a lot of extra resources in 2020. While they are scheduled to receive a fourth and sixth-round compensatory pick this year, it should pale in comparison to the ones they will have next year. Considering the plethora of high-end free agents the Steelers will lose next year, it is possible that the team gets two third-round picks and a few additional fourth or fifth-round picks.

This means that the team will be flush with additional picks that they could use to trade up in the next draft. As well, as stated above, the team could have a lower overall draft pick in that draft, making it less expensive to move up for a quarterback. To move up from the mid-’20s to the early teens would be pricy. The Steelers will have better resources and likely a higher pick to move around in the 2022 draft.