Writers’ Picks: Steelers Wild Card round vs. Cleveland Browns

Jan 3, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt (91) sacks Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) (Photo Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)
Jan 3, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt (91) sacks Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) (Photo Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports) /

Our team at the Still Curtain advance with our weekly predictions as the Pittsburgh Steelers enter the NFL Wild Card weekend.

It’s now win or go-home territory, and your beloved Pittsburgh Steelers return to Heinz Field as the third seed in the 2020 NFL playoffs to take on the Cleveland Browns. In some ways, each of the Brown and the Steelers regular seasons had similarities.

Aside from each being in the AFC North division, they both experienced a “magical” year, regarding the Steelers’ quest for perfection and the Browns’ ability to finally make it to the dance for the first time since 2002. Both teams came to an abrupt stop that makes the league forget everything that’s happened before.

Possibly it could reflect, in a sense, the nature of the NFL. Its replaceability, no matter what record or status someone or some team has, they can be defeated. Windows are so short for success in the league that it becomes nearly impossible to cherish moments such as the two listed before.

That’s why as fans, we have to appreciate every game, especially an upcoming one that will leave either team idle of on-field play for months. Hoping it’s not the Steelers, our team at the Still Curtain continues in providing predictions with a special debut playoff edition.

Writers’ Recap

First, I want to congratulate everyone who contributed to these articles, whether it was two weeks or the fifteen we collectively did, and give thanks to all readers that kept up with them. However, as the lone winner of the 2020 predictions*, their efforts were not enough.

All jokes aside, it’s been enjoyable as a group to do this yet another year. Probably the strangest NFL season of all-time, we all believe Pittsburgh can remain under its impressions for another week in triumphing over Cleveland. Or do we?

Still Curtain’s 2020 Records

Andrew Falce (12-3)

Eric Hassel (11-4)

Ed Hunt (11-4)

Tommy Jaggi (12-3)

Brandon Kring (11-4)

Austin Lloyd (4-2)

Jordan Newman (13-2)

Ryan Pawloski (11-4)

Casey Sadekoski (10-5)

Alec Silverman (4-2)

Wild Card Predictions vs. Cleveland Browns

“Nothing comes easy in the playoffs, and this game is no exception. Steelers come out sluggish on the first half and play from behind in the second. They win, but it is one ugly game.” – Andrew Falce (PIT 28-23)

”Not sure if you’re doing the playoff game prediction, but if you are, here it is: “Put everything that transpired in the regular season aside. This is a playoff game at home, in prime time for the Steelers. In what will prove to be a close game at the end, the Steelers hold on to beat the Browns and advance to the next round of the ‘tournament’.” – Eric Hassel (PIT 24-20)

”The Steelers are much healthier and Kevin Stefanski is out with Covid. This Steelers team will figure out how to beat the Browns.” – Ed Hunt (PIT 28-17)

”The Steelers get a favorable rematch against a decimated Browns team that will be without their head coach on the sidelines. Pittsburgh nearly defeated Cleveland with Mason Rudulph leading the charge and a handful of their best players sidelined. With a number of important names showing up on the Browns injury report and with Mike Tomlin’s team nearly at full strength, I have the Steelers taking care of business in the Wild Card round.” – Tommy Jaggi (PIT 28-20)

”The Browns have lost some key players and almost their entire offensive coaching staff. The Steelers played them tough while resting many key players and will get the job done with those guys back.” – Brandon Kring (PIT 24-16)

“The Steelers helped further expose Cleveland on their own turf last weekend with a backup squad. Now the Browns have to head into Pittsburgh playing a loaded and well-rested starting roster. Cleveland typically falls to their rival up north in their rare postseason appearances, and this time will be no different.” – Austin Lloyd (PIT 26-13)

”If I had to think which of the two games in the regular season between Pittsburgh & Cleveland would mirror more closely to that of the playoff game this Sunday, give me the week six matchup 10 times out of 10. The Browns are dealing with too much in terms of losses from coaches to players, and outside of a scripted first quarter provided by Stefanski, who knows how they’ll handle different situations on offense? Steelers win this handily as they get healthier.” – Jordan Newman (PIT 34-13)

”If last week’s game was any indication then this game should be a blowout. This game takes place in the playoffs however so expect the best from the Browns not matter who is playing due to Covid related issues.” – Ryan Pawloski (PIT 31-21)

“The browns could barely handle a Steelers lineup filled with backups, the previous time the two starting lineups meet Cleveland lost by over 30. I am predicting a somewhat similar game.” – Casey Sadekoski (PIT 31-13)

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”With Covid hitting the fan once again, the Browns are without a few vital pieces including head coach Kevin Stefanski. This is a detrimental loss for the Browns and I think it’s going to be to much to overcome. With that being said, I think the Steelers will prevail to the divisional round with a win over the Browns.” – Alec Silverman (PIT 30-23)