Steelers biggest connections in Super Bowl LV: Chiefs vs Buccaneers

Antonio Brown #81 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Antonio Brown #81 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Quarterback Tom Brady #12 and wide receiver Antonio Brown #81 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Antonio Brown, WR, Buccaneers

Brown was the best receiver in the NFL just a few seasons ago. Now he is trying to get back to that Hall of Fame level of play in Tampa Bay. He is in the same boat as Bell when it comes to recollecting his status in the league but Brown has more promise. The main issue with him is the off the field situations that have come up more and more. No matter if it was beating someone up, throwing furniture out of buildings, or allegedly sexually assaulting women. He is still under investigation for some charges that won’t find a conclusion till maybe next season. The former Steelers great has found nothing but issues all posed by himself. He left the black and gold on worse terms than Bell did and fans will find it very hard to forgive him for that.

His self-centered and egotistical persona has left him stranded and without support. His mental health was one of the causes for him to leave the league that he once dominated before joining his pal Tom Brady with the Buccaneers. He has slowly been coming along throughout the season. He finally found his grove at the tail-end of the year before getting injured in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see if he can play on Sunday but it’s his first Super Bowl so it will be hard to keep him from playing.