Pittsburgh Steelers greatest late round draft gems of all time

Antonio Brown Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
Antonio Brown Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports /
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NFL teams must be able to excel in the draft to stay competitive throughout the years. The Steelers have been able to find ways of gaining talent early and late during the draft to keep their team competitive. 

Draft gems have been a constant throughout the Steelers history. Late round choices are usually seen as people that will likely struggle to make the team unless they play well on special teams. Normally that is how these late-round choices gain their stripes and then lose their spot by a younger player in a couple of seasons. These players did the opposite of that and actually exceeded expectations immensely. There are so many different choices that could go on this list as players have been able to show their worth and skill on the team. Those draft selections helped win games and even Super Bowls for the franchise during their playing careers.

Sometimes a team just gets lucky and makes the right choice. They are pleasantly surprised that the player was still there when Pittsburgh got on the clock. All of those mentioned are players that were selected in the fourth round or later, with some even being undrafted free agents. Each player was great in their own right and some even made it into the Hall of Fame or have a resume that makes them a Hall of Fame-caliber player.

Some that did not make the top three but deserve a special mention include Antonio Brown (6th round), Greg Lloyd (6th round), Mike Webster (5th round), John Stallworth (4th round), Dwight White (4th round), Rocky Bleier (16th round), and so many more notable choices.