Will Chase Claypool be the next divisive wide receiver on the Steelers?

Chase Claypool #11 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Chase Claypool #11 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool was spotted in a physical encounter at a bar on March 13th. 

Chase Claypool is at it again. Is there anything this man cannot do? Steelers star, TikTok influencer, Browns trash-talker, and now aggressive bar patron.

TMZ caught footage of the incident and unleashed it to the public on their sports page on March 24th. To hopefully no surprise, this incident stirred the pot within the NFL community, especially due to Chase’s name being tied to a franchise of Pittsburgh’s standards. What fails to help Claypool’s case is that he has garnered his fair share of negative press before this MMA debut of his even surfaced.

With Chase’s rare combination of size, speed, and ability, he has cemented himself as quite a specimen in the wide receiver department by face value (with some even comparing his attributes to those of Detroit Lions great Calvin “Megatron” Johnson). Clashing this bundle of potential with needless tabloid headlines begs the question of whether or not Chase Claypool will find himself becoming the next divisive wide receiver.

Will Claypool divide Steelers locker room in the future?

“Divisive” is a word that can mean a wide array of behaviors. To list some examples, Randy Moss had his ‘I’ll play when I want to’ mentality, Terrell Owens was seen as somewhat of a diva with his pretentious media vibes, and Antonio Brown was seemingly just one inch away from being declared insane.

Similar to all of those aforementioned players, Chase appears to be an outstanding weapon. However, he needs to lose this reputation that he is obtaining so early in his professional career before it permanently binds itself to his eventual legacy.

It is around right here where Claypool really hurts himself with run-ins like these, and that is because we acknowledge that he has not reached the official status of a Randy Moss, or of a Terrell Owens; he is only a rookie. Those stars had years of NFL experience and greatness under their belts, making them more “worthy” of sticking around with an organization in the eyes of a lot of superiors. If Claypool’s quality of performance dies down but his media attention does not, he could be in true jeopardy of killing his chances of a long and illustrious football tenure before it’s even walking on its own.

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Upon further reading into the incident, one can find out that Claypool was not an instigator in the affair and that virtually nothing came from the clashing that night. However, it is yet another predicament to tally against his name. If Chase insists on becoming the next divisive wide receiver, he needs to at least secure himself within the league a little bit better first.