4 prospects Steelers should have taken over Najee Harris

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The Steelers went running back in the first, but there were other prospects that made more sense for the team.

It wasn’t shocking when the Steelers selected former Alabama running back Najee Harris in the first, as they expressed quite a bit of interest in him. That said, there were other prospects that were far better fits for the team.

Harris projects well in the system, but the devaluation of the running back position makes taking him a hard pill to swallow. Here are four players the Steelers should have taken instead of Harris in the first.

Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma State

For those that followed along with my pre-draft coverage, I didn’t think tackle was a top need. Even with a prospect like Teven Jenkins being a good fit, it seemed like a tough road for a first-round tackle to ascend into a starting role for the Steelers this year. With Jenkins though, he plays a far more valuable role than Harris and would have made for a better overall pick.

Jenkins is a classic mauling run blocker who has the flexibility to play on either side of the line. While his role in year one would have been in question, long term he would have presented a better value. Tackle is one of the premier positions in the NFL, so taking one over an easily replaceable position like a running back would have made sense.

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