Ranking Steelers 2021 draft picks from worst to best

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Pressley Harvin III #27 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) /

Pressley Harvin III is my 5th best draft grade

I know it is unconventional to give such a high draft grade to a punter. However, two things stick out to me in making this decision. First, it is hard to find a 7th round pick that can even make a team. Harvin III will probably be the starter by week 1. Secondly, one of the reasons Pittsburgh wins so many games is the value we place on special teams. Special teams play is what normally decides close games. The field position battle is primarily influenced by special teams, and a great punter will boost a defense while bailing out an offense by flipping field position.

Jordan Berry has been so frustrating in terms of his consistency, that I have been wanting an upgrade for the last 2 seasons. Pittsburgh tried in 2020 with a free agent, and they failed. Harvin III looks like a legitimate upgrade, and has the size to lay the boom on a few returners should he actually punt some returnable balls. He is the first African American to win the Ray Guy award, best punter in college football, and averaged 48 yards per punt in 2020. He looks like a clear upgrade athletically and seems to have dynamite in his right leg.

Pressley Harvin III: B

Dan Moore of Texas A&M is my 4th best draft grade

Dan Moore is an interesting prospect. He is a Senior with a lot of college starts. In the aspect that he is a better run-blocker than pass-blocker, he reminds me of Alejandro Villanueva when Big Al first came to Pittsburgh. Moore is a project, however, he fits what the Steelers like to do scheme-wise and he is very athletic. I believe with the right technical changes he can be a viable long-term starter for the Steelers.

With Banner and Chuks set as the tackle pairing for 2021 the Steelers could pick a guy to develop for a year before competing for the spot in the long run. I like his attitude and grit as the intensity he wants to bring is something the Steelers have lacked on the o-line the past 2 years. His upside is there, but without Mike Munchak, we must hope the Steelers can tap into the possible value of a potential starter at left tackle selected in the 4th round. That upside makes him such a high draft grade.

Dan Moore: B+

Buddy Johnson of Texas A&M is my 3rd best draft grade

This decision was close, as both Buddy Johnson and Dan Moore could be viable starters in year 2 of their careers. The edge goes to Johnson based on two things. First, Johnson is freakishly fast for his position. His tape shows how fast he can really be as he is constantly overworking to cover up small missteps in his path to the ball. If he cleans up those missteps, you’ll see him fly all over the field.

Secondly, Johnson should have a more immediate impact. Texas A&M doesn’t like to start players who won’t play special teams. For Johnson to come from that program with a ready and willing attitude to make his mark on the special teams unit is huge. He has a winner’s mentality and with his athletic profile, I expect to see him make his mark on games throughout the season, even if it is not on defense.

Buddy Johnson: A-