Ranking all 8 of the Steelers signed undrafted free agents

Shakur Brown #29 of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Shakur Brown #29 of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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defensive back Donovan Stiner #13 of the Florida Gators (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

3. Donovan Stiner

To be clear up front, the top three guys were almost interchangeable, and I believe all three have legitimate shots of making the roster. That said, of the three, Donovan Stiner is likely the least likely of the three to make the initial roster due to him being more of a pure safety. That said, he had great production in Florida and has quite a bit of position flexibility.

While his best stats came as a safety (and that is the position he should ultimately end up at if he becomes a contributor), Stiner was tasked with covering the slot last season. He wasn’t a natural at it, but he more than held his own. If the Steelers get desperate to find a slot capable player, Stiner could fill in similar to how Sean Davis did his rookie season. That said, as a safety that plays closer to the line of scrimmage, Stiner has the potential to be the third safety in subpackage defense and a top backup.

In all honesty, I like Stiner over Tre Norwood. While both are versatile, Stiner seems like he has more legitimate potential to become a solid safety. Considering he can play in the slot as well as the lack of defensive back depth overall, Stiner could be a sleeper to make the opening day roster. At a minimum, he seems like a practice squad candidate that could develop into a contributor down the road.