5 safest Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys to purchase in 2021

Free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick #39 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)
Free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick #39 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images) /
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T.J. Watt Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a number of high-selling jerseys, but here are the safest jerseys to purchase in 2021.

NFL Jersey sales typically spike after the NFL Draft, as teams get excited all over again for the upcoming season. Recently, Steelers running back Najee Harris cracked the top 10 list of jersey sales, according to Fox Sports: NFL. However, like the Harris pick itself this past April, Pittsburgh fans may not want to be so fast to run to the podium with their jersey selections for the 2021 season.

While Najee Harris is currently a hot commodity with Steelers fans (along with several other young players), he is still very much unproven, and it would be wise to let this play out a bit. I doubt there are many fans out there still sporting their Le’Veon Bell jerseys on Sundays.

If you’re looking to invest good money into an NFL jersey this season, here are five safe players whose jerseys could last through the ages:

T.J. Watt: #90

Forget about the fact that T.J. Watt is going to need a massive new contract soon. That deal is going to get done, and Pittsburgh is set to have the third-most effective cap space in the NFL in 2022, according to Over the Cap. Let’s look at the player as a whole.

Watt is already quickly molding himself into a legendary figure on one of the most successful franchises in the history of the NFL. Though we have seen great players leave after their first or second contract, the Steelers don’t let players of his caliber walk away. At this rate, Watt will have a chance to go down as one of the best Pittsburgh players of all time. This jersey could be well worth your purchase and should be reusable throughout the years.