If Steelers sign these two free agents, we would be Super Bowl contenders

Morgan Moses #76 of the Washington Football Team. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Morgan Moses #76 of the Washington Football Team. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

The Steelers are a good team but would be Super Bowl contenders with the signing of two free agents

So let me address the ‘elephant in the room’ right now…I believe that we are Super Bowl contenders as that is our goal every year. There are several factors that could work against us in the 2021 season that could shatter any dreams of winning a seventh Lombardi Trophy.

First and foremost, our schedule is daunting, if you ask me.  Opening up on the road against the Buffalo Bills and then closing out the regular season on the road against the Baltimore Ravens will be no ‘cake walk’.  We may very well lose both of those games.  The other factor working against us is our depth on both the ‘0-line and on the ‘D-line’.

For all intents and purposes, the 2021 free agency frenzy has come and gone. The Steelers approached free agency as expected by re-signing some of our own pending free agents and signing other free agents; however, we did not make that ‘splash’ signing that I think some fans were hoping for.

While there are still some quality free agents out there who remain unsigned, I think there are two free agents who, if the Steelers were able to sign them, would instantly make us more of a threat to win another Lombardi Trophy than we are currently.

The Steelers need to sign these two free agents posthaste

Let’s level-set here for a moment…I frankly don’t know if the Steelers would even be interested in pursuing the two free agents about whom we are going to talk, but, for me, signing these two free agents would not only be a ‘no-brainer’, it would signal to us, the fan base, that we are serious about making another Super Bowl run.

Morgan Moses, the former RT of the Washington Football Team, is still on the market and I’m honestly not sure why that is.  Moses started every game since the 2015 season and is seemingly very competent and reliable.  The question we have to ask is this:  Would he be a better option than anyone else at the RT position? I think it would behoove the Steelers to at least have an option.

As it stands right now, our options are a player who is coming off a season in which he suffered a season-ending injury in the first game.  I hope he is able to play at the level the Steelers need, but what would our options be if he can’t perform at a high level? Considering the depth the Steelers currently have on the ‘O-line’, how could we not at least attempt to sign Moses?

Geno Atkins, the 8-time Pro Bowler, and 2-time All-Pro is also still unsigned.  Granted he is coming off an injury that forced him to miss all but eight games in 2020 and he is 32 years old, but Atkins would provide not only quality depth at a position of need and would provide that veteran presence the Steelers value.

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Look, it’s anyone’s guess as to how the 2021 season will ‘shake out’.  Will we be playing meaningful football in January or will be watching the playoffs from the comfort of our couches?  I truly hope that the scenario will be the former and not the latter, so I vote the Steelers make a push to sign Moses and Atkins and let the ‘chips fall where they may.