Predicting the roster odds of the Steelers eight undrafted free agents

Shakur Brown #29 of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Shakur Brown #29 of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Shakur Brown #29 of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

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Roster Odds: 55%

Some may look at the roster odds for Shakur Brown and argue that that is too low. While I really like the talent and potential he provides, he is still only an undrafted free agent and that makes his path to the roster naturally tough. A lot of people were singing the early praises of Trajan Bandy last season, and he failed to make the team outright after camp and has since struggled to latch on in the league.

This doesn’t mean Brown is doomed to be a repeat of Bandy, but expectations need to be tamed for him. Of the entire class, he easily has the best chance to make the roster given his impressive play as a junior and the clear need for a slot corner on this roster. That said, even saying Brown has slightly better than a 50 percent chance to make the roster is bold. There are no guarantees as an undrafted player in this league, and Brown may not end up working out.

That said, with him being a natural slot player and the five interceptions he had last year at Michigan St., he is an early camp sleeper to keep an eye on. He will likely not be the starting slot corner right out of the gate, but if he can show enough in camp as a defender and a special teams player, he has a good chance of sticking around. As well, if he doesn’t make the roster for whatever reason, the practice squad would seem like a natural spot for him in 2021.

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There are few better feelings as an NFL fan than when your team uncovers a diamond in the rough after the draft concludes. The Steelers have a storied history of doing so, and 2021 should be no different given the talent that was brought in during the undrafted period. That said, keep your expectations in check, as the path for an undrafted player in the league is a hard one with very few guarantees.