How will Steelers Benny Snell Jr. impact Najee Harris’ success?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have drafted a running back with superstar potential. Can Najee Harris carry the Steelers running load alone?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are excited about the debut of their new running back. Najee Harris has been the center of attention for the Steeler Nation since being drafted. With the regular season quickly approaching, spectators are forced to watch preseason football to gain an inkling of what their team could produce.

The Pittsburgh running game has shown its viewers that it plans to be more prominent than last year. With the fate of the Steelers season deepening on Harris’ legs, Pittsburgh must be able to rely on their reinforcements.

The Steelers have always been familiar with running the football. Despite the franchise’s history of Hall of Fame receivers, they have always relied on the run. In an offense that is run-heavy, every running back must be ready to perform.

During the 2017 NFL draft, Pittsburgh was looking for ways to expand its offense. In the 3rd round of the NFL draft, the franchise drafted James Connor, a 6-foot 1 inch running back from the University of Pittsburgh.

After four seasons of experimenting, the Steelers and Connor split ways. The Arizona Cardinals decided to give James Connor a home, and the Steelers moved forward in search of more power.

In the middle of James Connor’s career in Pittsburgh, the front office decided to draft another running back. Pittsburgh drafted Benny Snell Jr. from the University of Kentucky in the 4th round of the 2019 NFL draft. Pittsburgh believed that Snell Jr would be a great running back to have as a second option. His size and speed complimented the offensive scheme that the coaching staff was looking to execute.

Snell Jr. was known in college for being a runner who would run behind his shoulder pads. Since joining the team, Benny Snell Jr has compiled a total of 794 yards rushing on 219 attempts. His six touchdowns have aided the Steelers in moments where they need a boost of momentum.

On December 12th,2020, the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers were trying to hold on to their hopes of staying undefeated in divisional play. The battle between the two AFC North rivals was intense as expected. In the end, Pittsburgh was able to pull out a victory, winning 19-14. During that game, Benny Snell acted as the leading rusher. His 60 yards on 16 attempts enabled the Steelers to control the tempo of the game.

Najee Harris has been able to do some incredible things during his football career. At the end of his collegiate career, Harris recorded 3843 yards rushing and 46 touchdowns. Although his stats are impressive, they may not be enough alone. Teams must be able to rely on every player on the depth chart to perform in order to win. The Steelers have found a future talent in Najee Harris, but he is only as good as the team. The tandem of Snell Jr. and Harris should finally be the answer that Pittsburgh has been searching for.