6 reasons the Steelers will not take a QB in 2022 NFL Draft

Mississippi Rebels quarterback Matt Corral (2) Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Mississippi Rebels quarterback Matt Corral (2) Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports /
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Steelers aren’t ready for a rookie quarterback

While the Steelers will have some major questions at quarterback next offseason, the team as a whole will likely see some key talent depart. The offense will take some losses at receiver and will still be looking for ways to improve their line. The defense should retain most of its talented front seven, but the secondary may lose some talent in Joe Haden and Terrell Edmunds. Simply adding a rookie quarterback with all of these issues isn’t a recipe for success.

We have seen this scenario play out multiple times, and even the rookie class from this season are having their issues on bad teams. The Jaguars and Jets are still two of the league’s worst teams despite having rookie quarterbacks as the team they have surrounded that rookie with mediocre talent. It’s rare for a rookie to have instant success, as they need time to develop before reaching their best play. Any rookie that excels typically has a talented team around them.

The Steelers would be far better off using their limited draft capital and a moderate amount of cap space to rebuild this line and secondary while adding playmakers elsewhere. In a year or two, once the core of a talented team is in place, then you go and get the rookie quarterback unless whomever you started in the meantime (likely Rudolph) has exceeded expectations. Throwing a rookie quarterback into the fire next year isn’t a recipe for success.

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While the Steelers will have some serious quarterback questions in 2022, the odds of them drafting one aren’t that high. To be frank, this team isn’t ready for a rookie to take over, and with the limited resources this team has, they would be better spent on building the team first. Don’t be surprised to see a veteran take the helm next season as the Steelers shy away from drafting their franchise quarterback in 2022.