4 quarterbacks the Steelers could target this offseason if they don’t draft one

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Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky #10 of the Buffalo Bills. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

After a slow start to this season, it appears that the Steelers may be looking for a new quarterback this offseason.

While Ben Roethlisberger has had a Hall of Fame career for the Steelers, it appears that he may be nearing the end of the road. Roethlisberger should remain the starter for the Steelers for the foreseeable future this season, barring injury, but it is evident that the Steelers should begin looking for future options soon.

While the draft remains the most realistic place for the Steelers to find their franchise quarterback, the Steelers still do have talent in place on their roster which creates two issues with drafting a quarterback. One, the team may have too much talent to finish with a bad enough record to get a high draft pick, despite a slow start this year. Second, obviously, the offensive line remains an issue, but aside from the line, the Steelers roster is built to win now, so it may not make sense to wait for a rookie to develop.

While Aaron Rodgers is a clear top choice if they go this route, he will be extremely expensive and the Steelers are not known to trade that amount of draft capital away. The following veterans are players who could become available for the Steelers to target this offseason:

4. Mitchell Trubisky

While Mitchell Trubisky has disappointed early in his career, he was the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and is still only 27 years old.

Trubisky is currently serving as Josh Allen’s backup in Buffalo, after spending his first years in Chicago. Trubisky has a Pro Bowl season under his belt, plenty of starting experience, and has started two playoff games. While he has disappointed thus far, his relatively young age makes him someone who could flourish given a second chance at being a starter.

Trubisky offers something the Steelers don’t currently have at the quarterback position, mobility. While he is no Lamar Jackson, Trubisky had 1,087 yards and eight touchdowns rushing during his time in Chicago, and could add another layer to the Steelers’ offense, which could aid their running game.

Trubisky or any of the other players on the list could be beneficial for the Steelers because it would give the Steelers a potential option at quarterback, while also allowing them to spend their top two picks on offensive lineman, to not only help protect whoever they place under center, but also strengthen the running game, and allow Najee Harris to take a lot of the pressure off of whoever is the signal-caller next season.

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