Steelers tend to dominate Seahawks in October matchups

Since the Seahawks entered the NFL, they have only faced the Steelers three times in October, and they have not fared very well in those games.

The Steelers have a 2-1 record facing Seattle in the month of October, having played the Seahawks twice at home and one road game. While splitting wins at home with Seattle, Pittsburgh has outscored Seattle 55-48 in those games.

However, when you move outside of October looking at all home games against Seattle, the Steelers are 7-3 at home, and their last home loss was in 2019 when the Seahawks injured Ben Roethlisberger for the season mid-way through the game.

One can also expect another huge game for Najee Harris against the Seahawks Sunday night as the Steelers tend to rush the ball well against Seattle in October. Pittsburgh’s worst rushing performance was in 1991 in the home loss when they only managed 78 yards on the ground.

In the two victories, the Steelers have rushed for a minimum of 163 yards. In 2007 Willie Parker and Najeh Davenport combined for 35 carries and 160 combined yards, with Davenport scoring two touchdowns.  In 1983 another Harris rushed for 132 yards out of 186 total rushing yards. Look for the Steelers to run the ball well for a second straight week in a row if historical patterns hold in Sunday’s game.

The rushing game may very well be the key to Sunday’s game as this will only be Roethlisberger’s 2nd overall game against the Seahawks in October.  In 2007 he only managed 206 overall passing yards and one touchdown. Although he was sacked and lost 27 yards, the Steelers were only credited 179 passing yards. In 1991 and 1983, the Steelers threw for less yardage, yet so the Steelers have not fared well in the passing game against Seattle in October.

Given Russell Wilson is out for six weeks, the Steelers could mount an impressive defensive performance against Seattle as well as in all three October games; Pittsburgh has had ten sacks in three games. Perhaps T.J.Watt could have a huge game Sunday night if this trend continues.

Keep in mind, though; turnovers typically play a large role in October Seattle Pittsburgh football games as both teams have turned the ball over five times apiece. So whoever holds onto the ball should dictate who wins Sunday’s game.

While on any given Sunday, anything can happen, the matchup between Seattle and Pittsburgh should prove most interesting.  More interesting yet is this will be the first October since 1991, Chuck Nolls final season that they face a Seattle team with a losing record. In 1991 yes, the Steelers were bad. In 2021 they are not as bad as their record indicates but have played poorly, suffice to say. The Seahawks, well, their season is in a tailspin. While they still could prove a dangerous opponent, look for Pittsburgh to post another victory against Seattle in an October game.