5 causes for concern following Steelers Week 10 tie

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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson (18). Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers played an embarrassing game in Week 10 vs. the Lions. 

I’m not one to constantly drag on players or coaches. I often find myself trying to stay on the positive side of things. However, the Steelers tie to the Lions raised a plethora of serious concerns.

The Steelers’ receiving core isn’t as good as we thought

It is hard to write this knowing that Pittsburgh’s top two receivers were both out with injury heading into their Week 10 matchup. However, Washington is supposed to be the best 4th wide receiver in the league. Washington is the guy Steeler nation along with myself have been clamoring for more playing time.

The truth is Washington disappeared after the first drive of the game. His biggest play was probably a pass interference call on 3rd down of the first drive. He was blanketed by Amani Oruwariye who failed to get his head around in time for an easy interception. The drive should’ve ended there with an interception or an incompletion on 3rd down.

Meanwhile, Diontae Johnson was nonexistent for most of the game. He had two nice catch and runs although the second would end with him fumbling the ball near Boswell’s field goal range in overtime which should’ve ended the game. Pair that with a couple of drops and it was one of the worst games we have seen from a player who started the season a step or two away from being a legitimate star at the start of the season. I get some of the drops were hard catches but a primary option at receiver has to be able to help out a backup QB who had roughly 40 hrs to prepare for a game. 7/13 is not an acceptable completion to target ratio for your number 1 receiver in any game.

With JuJu and Washington likely gone this offseason, expect another high draft pick on a wide receiver this year.  I’ll give props to Ray-Ray McCloud though. He hasn’t had a good game this year as a returner but for most of the game was the only Steeler getting consistently open. His job should be safe for now.

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