4 quarterbacks Steelers must consider going after in 2022

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Jay Glazer recently appeared on the Pat McAfee show where he stated the Steelers would prefer a veteran QB instead of a rookie in 2022. 

If this is true then the Steelers have a few options they should be strongly considering this offseason. I for one don’t want to discount Glazer’s take on the subject and I could certainly see why the Steelers would prefer a signal-caller with experience. The Steelers have an estimated 49 million in cap space for 2022. This number could change depending on what the salary cap comes to be in 2022.

With that being said the Steelers could theoretically spend around 25-30 million for a quarterback, which could afford some high-quality quarterbacks should they become available. That means that the first quarterback in mind is a no-brainer.

Aaron Rodgers’ contract is a little complicated in Green Bay

The Packers and Rodgers placed some oddly vague details in #12’s contract this season. It would seem as though if Rodgers doesn’t get the things he wants from the front office he could become available for 2022.

Firstly, Aaron Rodgers just won MVP in 2020. So I don’t particularly care about his age. The man is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league and considering he’s making 24 million in 2021 playing for the Packers, 27 million and a chance to play for a coach he gushed about on the Pat McAfee show could be enough to bring him to Pittsburgh.

I’m not saying this is a guarantee. However, if Rodgers becomes a free agent I wouldn’t be shocked to see this happen. Let’s also be clear on this, if the Steelers have the chance to negotiate with Rodgers they have to make it work. He would instantly make the Steelers one of the league’s Super Bowl favorites in 2022.