Russell Wilson is Steelers only logical trade target at QB

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3). Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3). Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /

While there have been quite a few big names floated around for the Steelers at quarterback, one top name clearly makes the most sense.

With this season likely being Ben Roethlisberger’s last, the rumor mill has been filled with names of players that are going to replace him. The Steelers seem like they are favoring a veteran quarterback at this point, and most signs to the team signing a reasonably priced veteran in free agency to start. That said, there are three trade targets that have has the fan base buzzing.

The top name is clearly Aaron Rodgers, as he has been disgruntled with the Packers organization for quite some time and almost didn’t play this season. Russell Wilson is also suffering through a down season and there are some serious talks that the Seahawks may try and move the veteran this offseason. Lastly, the Texans have no plans to move forward with Deshaun Watson at quarterback and he will likely be traded sooner rather than later.

While Rodgers has gotten the most press of the names, he also makes the least amount of sense. He will be 39 years old next season, and while he should have a few more seasons in him, his play will be declining sooner than later. As well, Rodgers seems like he wants to stay on the west coast. Watson is the youngest and arguably the most talented of the trio, but he has a lot of baggage right now with his abuse allegations that came up this offseason.

Wilson makes the most sense for the Steelers

This leaves Wilson as the most likely option for the team. Right now, the Seahawks are limping, and Wilson hasn’t been playing like his usual self. While still immensely talented, it seems like this year will be his worst year since his 2016, and the Seahawks will have a high pick in the draft.

If that all is the case, they may opt to go and draft a younger quarterback to develop and move Wilson. You saw a similar story unfold with the Colts and Peyton Manning a few years back (granted they were drafting Andrew Luck). They were in a good spot to land a quarterback, so they moved on from the older option.

If the Steelers didn’t want to waste the talent they have on defense right now (when they are all healthy that is), getting a quarterback of Wilson’s caliber is a must. The offense would work well with him at the lead and the team could focus their remaining draft capital and free agency spending on adding another offensive lineman and secondary help.

This wouldn’t have to be a short-term rental either. Wilson will only be 34 next season and top quarterbacks are playing close to 40-years old. He could realistically be around for 5-7 years and help keep the team competitive in that span. Long term it is going to hold the team back from a true rebuild, but it could lead to a short period of success.

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Do I think the team ultimately trades for a quarterback this offseason? No, as the price will be incredibly high no matter who they target. Signing a mid-tier veteran makes far more sense as the team can and should rebuild. That said, if the Steelers do want to keep this team competitive, there should only be one trade target that people are speculating on. Of the big three trade targets, Wilson is the only one that makes a shred of sense.