4 Steelers who can’t be counted on to contribute in 2022

Devin Bush #55 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Devin Bush #55 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Henry Mondeaux #99 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

While the Steelers roster will look vastly different than it is right now, these four players should not be a part of the starting plans for the 2022 season.

The Steelers roster will once again be overhauled this offseason as the team makes some big moves to improve the long-term viability of this group. Plenty of names that have seen extensive play this season will be replaced by new names. While familiarity with the system always helps, it is clear that some players can’t be counted on and the team has to plan accordingly for the 2022 season.

In particular, these four players can’t be counted on to contribute significantly to the roster in 2022.

Steelers can’t count on Mondeaux

One of the biggest flips in terms of roster strength has been the Steelers’ defensive line. Seen as one of the deepest groups early in the season, injuries and the unexpected absence of Stephon Tuitt have left this group dangerously thin. This has forced Henry Mondeaux, who had only ever been a special teams player before this, into a significant contributor on the defense.

While an athletic lineman, Mondeaux lacks the functional strength to be a key defensive contributor. The team has tried him out at nose tackle and the results haven’t been pretty. The Steelers have one of the worst run defenses in the league, and while he isn’t the sole contributor to those woes, Mondeaux certainly hasn’t helped the team out there.

While he is still under contract for another season with a manageable cap hit, his roster spot should be far from secure. If he does somehow make the roster in 2022, it should be as a special teams player only, and he shouldn’t play anywhere near the 25 percent of the defensive snaps he has this season. While a feel-good story given his undrafted status and a fine special teams player, Mondeaux can’t be counted on to play significantly after this season.