There is one QB the Steelers can aggressively pursue in 2022

Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Steelers will be tasked with replacing their franchise quarterback this offseason, and if this Bears player becomes available for trade, they need to bring him in.

The Steelers will have a slew of options to consider at quarterback this offseason. While some are better than others, most don’t scream long-term starter. There may be a new name that should begin making its rounds.

While it is still speculative at this point, there is a chance that the Bears move on from 2021 first-round pick Justin Fields. While he has his fair share of issues as a player, it would be hard for the team to pass on such a promising player.

Fields had a historic career at Ohio State, becoming one of their most prolific quarterbacks in recent memory. While he had the traditional scrambling ability that works well in the Ohio State offense, he also had a cannon of an arm. This made him one of the more appealing quarterback options in the draft, as he could develop into a top threat in the league.

His rookie season left a lot to be desired. While he flashed a lot of the appeal that made him a first-round pick, there were equally as many inconsistencies in his game. He wasn’t ready to start, and his play reflected that. Now, with a new regime in charge, Fields may be jettisoned this offseason.

Those rumors continued to heat up when the Bears hired Matt Eberflus. While a surprising hire altogether, Eberflus isn’t one of the perceived “quarterback gurus” that most teams covet with a young passer. Perhaps they are preparing to go in a different direction as a result. If Fields found his way onto the trade block, there should be plenty of suitors.

The Steelers should be interested in Fields

While the Steelers have a slew of questions and holes on their roster, none is more important long-term than landing a franchise quarterback. Fields still has that same potential everyone saw in the draft process, but he wasn’t ready to start this season. It would be a risk to add him, but it is a risk this team needs to make.

Adding Fields doesn’t fix this team by any means, but it gives them a legitimate franchise option to develop. This offseason would still have to be dedicated to rebuilding the line and adding pieces to the defense, but now they would also get a legitimate passer. It would be expensive, but if Fields develops as he should it would be worth it.

A trade for Fields wouldn’t be cheap. Using the Josh Rosen model, Fields would cost at least this year’s second-round pick plus something else. Fields seems to be in better standing with the league than Rosen was after year one so that second-round pick would likely have to be paired with at least a fourth or a 2023 third. That is a good deal of capital to give up, but it wouldn’t matter if Fields takes the necessary steps to develop.

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While this team is more than a quarterback away from competing, getting a potential star quarterback this season shouldn’t be ignored. There is an inherent risk with trading for Fields but adding him and building around him would be a huge get. He is a name to keep an eye on as the Bears navigate through the offseason.