Steelers should be trading for Jordan Love, not Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers #12 and Jordan Love #10 of the Green Bay Packers (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers #12 and Jordan Love #10 of the Green Bay Packers (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

With rumors linking Rodgers to Pittsburgh, the reality is, the Steelers should be calling about a different Packers quarterback.

It is no secret that the Packers and Aaron Rodgers are creating some of the NFL’s biggest drama this offseason. While the “will they, won’t they” talk can be frustrating at times, a report recently surfaced that the Packers are ready for all options, including ones that trade Rodgers if he decides he wants out.

Three teams have supposedly agreed-upon deals already to obtain Rodgers if such a case were to occur, and supposedly the Steelers are one such team to have a trade outlined.

On the surface, trading for Rodgers seems like a logical move for Pittsburgh. The retirement of Ben Roethlisberger has made quarterback a top priority this offseason, and while free agency and the draft have some intriguing names, no one is even close to the realm that Rodgers is as a player. The Steelers would be getting one of the league’s best if they acquired Rodgers.

Looking deeper though, this trade is a tough pill to swallow. From Rodgers’s side of things, coming to a rebuilding Steelers team seems silly considering his age. Sure, his addition obviously elevates the team, but he would be playing with significantly worse weapons and a bad offensive line if he came to this team.

As for the Steelers, they already have limited resources, so budling what would likely be most of them for Rodgers seems like a mistake. Sure, a premier quarterback is a necessity for a team to compete but mortgaging their next few draft classes for an older quarterback who likely only has a few more seasons in him anyway makes no sense.

The Steelers should be calling about Love

There is a reason for the Steelers to be calling about a Packers quarterback, and it isn’t because of Rodgers. Another report has come out that the Packers are extremely low on Jordan Love, their former first-round pick. NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright has even come out and said that he believes a trade for love would only be yielding a late-round pick at this point.

While Love got his first start this season in place of Rodgers against the Chiefs, he did little to support the fact that he was a first-round pick. He was fine, but ultimately, he looked like he needed more work as opposed to being a legitimate future starter. While I can’t say that the Packers are valuing Love as low as Allbright is saying, it would make sense for the Packers to move on from Love if Rodgers returns.

Assuming that rumor is true, the Steelers absolutely should be inquiring about Love as opposed to Rodgers. Love has everything the team wants in a quarterback going forward: size, athleticism, and pedigree. If all it takes to bring him in is a day three pick, taking a chance on Love is an easy choice.

Steelers would be foolish to trade for Rodgers over Love

Love still has two years on his contract as well as his fifth-year option, meaning a day-three pick could net the team a young quarterback with three years of control on his contract. Compare that to Rodgers, whose deal is obviously much higher, and financially Love is the better choice.

Obviously, Rodgers is supremely more talented, but the cost to acquire him will likely cost multiple first-round picks. For a team rebuilding like the Steelers, dedicating those picks to Rodgers means that his duration with the team will likely be with the roster as is. Trading for Love means the team can continue to aggressively fill holes on the roster such as at offensive line and at linebacker.

While there is a good chance Love wouldn’t pan out, the day three pick you are trading for him has just as much of a chance of not panning out. Love would at least be built in the mold of what the team wants. If he pans out, great, you got a steal of a deal. If not, you lose a late pick and look to draft a quarterback in 2022.

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As well, this team could just completely ignore the Packers’ situation and continue with their quarterback plans as is. If they are in talks with Green Bay though, the target must be Love and not Rodgers. He would be far more affordable and a better long-term fit. The Steelers would be silly to trade the farm for Rodger right now, especially when Love may be available for a day three draft pick.